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History of the Main train of the country

The history of the Main train of the country is indissolubly connected with history of development of Siberia and the Far East, with history of the Transsiberian highway.

95 years have passed since in 1916 after end of construction of the big bridge through the river the Cupid near cities of Khabarovsk when construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway has ended, the direct passenger message from Moscow up to Vladivostok on all extent only on the Russian territory has begun.

And before the first trains of a through service from Moscow up to Vladivostok on the Transsiberian highway and further on Chinese-East railway in 1903 followed 16 day in one direction. Four magnificently equipped trains sent weekly. Trains plied on Mondays, environments, Thursdays and Saturdays. At midday for the third day the train arrived to Chelyabinsk, in the morning for the eighth day - to Irkutsk. Then the ferry through Baikal on the ferry within 4 hours, and in the winter on laid directly on an ice of Baikal followed rails. (in 1905 movement on around Baikal to the railway) is opened. For 12 day the train arrived To midday on station Manchzhurija, and in five day on a terminal point of following - port Dalniy.

Within the Soviet authority preparation of a train by the message Moscow - Vladivostok was carried out by trust of sleepers and office on service of passengers (a reserve of conductors). The order of Ministry of Railways of the USSR from February, 23rd, 1957 had been formed the Carload site of East direction.


On September, 30th, 1966 1 flight 45 years ago has gone to the a firm train Russia for which start many efforts were put by the Chief of a site Vasin Peter Pavlovich.

From the Official report of 98 managements of a carload site of East direction to Minister of Railways B. of Item about the first flight of a firm train Russia on October, 25th, 1966:

In days of work of XXIII congress of the CPSU collective of a carload site of East direction of management of the international and tourist transportations Moscow. . Has accepted the socialist obligation to achieve assignment of a rank the best firm train on a network of railways "train" Russia .

The first structure at a level of a task in view has been prepared on September, 30th. The train has an elegant appearance - is painted in bright colors, inscriptions Russia and Moscow Vladivostok are executed by the unprofitable enameled letters of white color.

Rationalizers of a carload site in a train have established telecommunication between the foreman-mechanic and conductors of cars, titans for preparation of tea in cars with reserved seats have converted from coal heating on electric, in the children's car the children's compartment is equipped, in compartment cars headphones are established. Cars are provided by new mattresses, woolen blankets, carpets, qualitative linen linen. In each compartment there is a teapot, 4 glasses with coasters.

Service of a train has been entrusted to a Komsomol youth brigade of a name of XV congress of Komsomol under direction of mechanic-foreman Pjatakovoj Nina Andreevny. Along the line the brigade of conductors showed politeness, care and attention to inquiries of passengers. Through a bureau of kind services passengers received fresh newspapers, magazines, the art and political literature, information on travel and other services.

... 183 written responses, wishes, gratitude from 386 passengers gone in this train, the brigade of conductors has received. Seaside regional committee of the CPSU and passengers have assessed a train, express profound gratitude to Ministry of Railways, its founders, state wishes that all structures of a train Russia were same. - the collective of a carload site prepares for an alternating cast for celebrating 49-th anniversary of the Great October socialist revolution and takes measures that the reached degree of service of passengers in these structures was still above .

Train Russia today

During all this time the train Russia always remained one of the best trains not only the Moscow Railway, but also Railways as Soviet Union, and the Russian Federation, and present Open Joint-stock company RUSSIAN RAILWAYS .
Now preparation and service of the Main train of the country are carried out by Passenger carload depot Moskva-3.
External painting of cars periodically varied proceeding from spirits of the times. It was cherry with greater metal letters, then red, crimson, green, and since 2000 cars of a train Russia are painted in color of the Russian flag with an obligatory cliche of the State Emblem of the Russian Federation.

Till 1993 the train went daily. With introduction in 1993 of the years schedule Russia began to go in day on not even numbers.

Till June, 2001 the train Russia went on the Main course of the Transsiberian highway (Moscow-Yaroslavl - Yaroslavl-main - Danilov - Buy - Sharya - Kirov - Balesino - Perm-2 - Sverdlovsk-passenger - Tyumen - Nasivaevskya - Omsk-passenger - Barabinsk - Novosibirsk-main - Mariinsk - Achinsk-1 - Krasnoyarsk - Ilanskaya - Taishet - Nizhneudinsk - Sima - Irkutsk-passenger - Slyudyanka-1 - Ulan-Ude - Petrovskiy Savod - Chita-2 - Karimskaya - Tchernyshev-sabaikalskiy - Mogoza - Ckovorodino - Belogorsk - Arhara - Khabarovsk-1 - Vaysemskaya - Ruzino - Ussuriisk - Vladivostok), and since this date and on present time its movement is carried out on the Gorki course (through Vladimir, Nizhni Novgorod, Kotelnitsh, Kirov and further on the Main course of the Trans-Siberian Railway).


In 2002 right after the purpose as the Chief of Moscow Railway Starostenko Vladimir Ivanovich has given special attention to our train. Repeatedly having visited Passenger carload depot Moskva-3 the Chief of the Moscow Railway has made a decision on modernization of cars of a firm train Russia. All cars have passed major overhaul in Dnepropetrovsk and have internally essentially changed.

Since July, 1st, 2002 in a train Russia cars of the raised comfort economic and business - a class with granting to passengers of additional service which cost joins in a fare have started to ply.

In the beginning of 2005 the design of internal furniture of cars of the Main train of the country has changed. More than 32 million roubles has spent Open Joint-stock company RUSSIAN RAILWAYS for its updating. The best design firms participated in development of a new interior of cars of a train Russia.

Therefore it is not casual in April, 2005 in Samara at annual competition of firm trains of Open Joint-stock company RUSSIAN RAILWAYS design of an interior of cars of a train Russia has received a high estimation and has noted been by Grand prix.

The main train of the country follows on eight railways, transporting for a year more than 200.000 passengers, among them not a small share of foreign tourists.


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